Kookaburras in the Dawn Road Reserve

Kookaburras in the Dawn Road Reserve

Birds sighted in Dawn Road Reserve

Laughing kookaburra
Sacred kingfisher
Brush turkey
Pheasant coucal (Swamp pheasant)
Crested hawk (Pacific baza)
Barn owl
Powerful owl
Boobook owl
Tawny frogmouth
Spotted turtle dove
Crested pigeon
Bar-shouldered dove
Rainbow lorikeet
Scaly breasted lorikeet
Sulphur-crested white cockatoo
Yellow-crested black cockatoo
Long-billed corella
King parrot
Red-winged parrot
Superb parrot
Pale-headed rosella
Channel-billed cuckoo
Eastern whipbird
Noisy friarbird
Noisy miner
Lewin’s honeyeater
Pied butcherbirds
Grey butcherbirds
Pied Currawong
Red-backed fairy wren
Common koel
Pacific black duck
Indian runner duck
Wood duck
Spangled drongo
White-headed pigeon
Bush stone curlew
Swamp hen
Superb blue wren
Peregrine falcon
Little eagle
Grey-headed flying fox
Black flying fox
Masked lapwing (Masked plover)


Image: Peter Bull

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