Many Hands is moving!

Dawn Road Reserve volunteers get to work at Dingley Dell under the watchful eye of MBRC's Bushcare officer Wendy Heath.

Dawn Road Reserve volunteers get to work at Dingley Dell under the watchful eye of MBRC’s Bushcare officer Wendy Heath. Pic: Trina McLellan

Thanks for checking the Dawn Road Reserve Bushcare Group website and welcome back for 2017.

This year we will still be updating the website with select images and information but we are moving our monthly “Many hands” posts and photos onto Facebook and Instagram, including the freshest updates from the working bees. Don’t forget to Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what your Bushcare volunteers are up to.

It was a bit sad, though, our first working bee for 2017 had to be cancelled due to the forecast 39C day on Sunday, February 12. And the thermometer did not disappoint. Wasn’t this summer a real scorcher?

The good news is that the weather is being much kinder this month, so tomorrow’s working bee is all set to go at 8am.

Can you believe it’s been three months since our band of volunteers last got together?

Everyone’s hanging out to see what’s our target for this session and the rest of the season.

Tomorrow we’ll be working behind 36 Fred Campbell Drive, near the stream, in the bushland. And we may get a chance to check out how our two revegetation projects under the powerlines are progressing.

If you’re coming along for the first time, don’t forget to wear a long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, closed in shoes and a hat.

We’ll take care of the rest (sunscreen, insect spray and, after it’s all over, some refreshments). It’s best if you come a few minutes early to receive your safety briefing and orientation with the wonderful Wendy. And why not bring a friend or family member? School-age children welcome (younger ones need a parent to closely supervise).

If you’ve just discovered us, then stay tuned. We’ve lots to share.

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